Video: European Fashion Passport 2019

Sarajevo 2019 /Barcelona 2020 / Praha 2021 The aim of this European contest is to showcase the talent of european young designers and connect them with the fashion industry of Europe, as well as networking and professional development of young fashion designers and the creation of a European platform for young designers. Designers from each European country will take part in their , o present their work (10 to 15 pieces) Europian Fashion Passport by choice of an international judging panel. From every European country we choose only one designer to participate Europien Fashion Passport 2019. The young designer of this Europian project will, have a chance to showcase their collection as a fashion show, make their own lookbook collection of photos at interesting locations in Sarajevo, participate in two fashion workshops. The most promising young fashion designer na European Fashion Passport 2019., will gain affirmation as a professional engagement in a prestigious European fashion house.


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